John Cipollina in Music and in Memory


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This is a 3 DVD box set that includes:

Disc One: Rockumentary and Interviews

Electric Guitarslinger - Original Rockumentary about John Cipollina

Electric Guitarslinger - John Cipollina remembered by the Cipollina family, Bill Graham, Nicky Hopkins, Peter Albin, Nick Gravenites, Dan Healy, Paul Kantner, Spencer Dryden, Terry Dolan, Pete Sears, Martin Fierro, Greg Elmore, Jerry Garcia, Barry Melton... Includes interviews and concert clips with John. The presentation is narrated by John's sister, Antonia Cipollina. The documentary also includes bits of rare concert footage of Quicksilver Messenger Service, Copperhead, Terry & The Pirates, Thunder & Lightning, Dinosaurs, The Grateful Dead, and Zero.


  • John Cipollina - Eugene, Oregon
    with Spencer Dryden - Dinosaurs / Jefferson Airplane
           Peter Albin - Dinosaurs / Big Brother and the Holding Company
    John Cipollina - Athens, Greece with Nick Gravenites
  • Michael Blair - John's Twin Sister
  • Mario Cipollina - John's Brother / Huey Lewis and the News
  • Bill Graham - Concert Promoter
  • Hutch Hutchinson - Copperhead / Bonnie Raitt Band
  • Merrell Fankhauser - Mu
  • Joel Selvin - Journalist

Disc Two: Interviews

  • Nick Gravenites - Thunder and Lightning / Electric Flag
  • Barry Melton - Dinosaurs / Country Joe and the Fish
  • David Freiberg - Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • Gary Duncan - Quicksilver Messenger Service
  • Jerry Garcia - Grateful Dead
  • Dan Healy - Sound Engineer - Quicksilver Messenger Service / Grateful Dead
  • Terry Dolan - Terry and the Pirates
  • Nicky Hopkins - Quicksilver Messenger Service / The Rolling Stones
  • Greg Douglass - Terry and the Pirates / Steve Miller Band
  • Merl Saunders - Dinosaurs / Saunders Garcia Band
  • Charlie Deal - Guitar Maker
  • Jack Casady - Jefferson Airplane / Hot Tuna
  • Martin Fierro - Quicksilver Messenger Service / Zero
  • Rocky Sullivan - Rocky Sullivan Band
    Sweet John (R. Sullivan)
    John Cipollina Tribute Band

Disc Three: Live Concert Footage

Quicksilver Messenger Service Winterland Ballroom - December 28, 1975
Fresh Air
Heebie Jeebie

Quicksilver Messenger Service Winterland Ballroom - December 1, 1973
Who Do you Love?

Copperhead Winterland Ballroom - September 1, 1973
Spin - Spin
Little Cindy
John's Solo

Link Wray Winterland Ballroom - November 19, 1974
Mystery Train
Be What You Want To

Thunder and Lightning
John Cipollina, Nick Gravenites Band Rock Palast Germany November 28, 1980
UnVicious Circle
Pride of Man
Buried Alive in the Blues

Thunder and Lightning
Nick Gravenites, John Cipollina Band
"Survivors: The Blues Today"
    Film by Cork Marcheschi & Robert Schwarz Wilebski's Blues Saloon, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1984
My Party
You Don't Love Me No More

Terry and the Pirates Winterland February 7, 1975
Inlaws and Outlaws
Something to Lose

Dinosaurs Golden Gate Park September 12, 1987

Director/ Videographer: Jesse Block
Produced by: Antonia Cipollina, Steve Keyser, Mike Somavilla, William Dire Wolff
Audio Supervisor: Mario Cipollina
Art Director: Randy Tuten
Photo Imaging: Randy Chavez
Booklet Design: William Dire Wolff
Cover Photography: Roberto Rabanne
Liner Notes: Mike Somavilla
Title Concept Artist: Kat Sovyak
Collage Concept: Bart Jefferson
Photography Consultant: Alan Blaustein


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